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There are lots of ways to support Ladybug Women's Ministries. You can donate online directly, and receive a receipt for your tax reporting purposes. You may also choose to utilize our various community giving programs, which result in donations for us (and no extra out of pocket cost for you!) through community giving.

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Cokesbury's mission is to reach more people in more places with quality services and resources that help them come to know and deepen their knowledge of God, through Jesus Christ, learn to love God, and choose to serve God and neighbor. Cokesbury aims to be your first choice for Christian resources and services that customers choose, use, and value.

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  Imagine a world in which every shopper was a Goodshopper (call us idealistic, but we do believe that it can be possible). In the U.S. alone, Americans spend $300 billion in e-commerce per year. If even 3% of that revenue was funneled into the nonprofit sector, it would mean a bonus of $90,000,000 every single year - important money needed for these great organizations to be able to continue doing the work we all need them to do. Goodshop started as a crazy idea between two siblings and has grown into a global movement. We're excited to see how quickly it has picked up speed, and how many people are joyfully hopping on board, in order to help make the world a better place with each purchase. What are you waiting for? Select us as your chosen nonprofit, find some great deals, and join us!